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Social Event Networking

Handshake Over the past 3 years, I've heard or seen just about every type of networking event imaginable.  I've also been asked just about every question revolving around networking imaginable.  One of the top questions I hear is "How do you get business from social events?"

My response is usually something like this: When you're participating in a social event, the odds of you developing an instant relationship that translates into business are slim to none.  That's not to say it won't happen, but your odds will be increased if you take the initiative to set up a coffee or lunch within the upcoming weeks.  In that follow up conversation get to know them more intimately and find out what resources you possess that could fill a void with their needs, both personal and/or professional.

After all, in a business world that is shifting and changing faster than most can blink... it's important to have a relationship based on the person rather than your product.  Your products may change but it's what you possess as a person that should remain constant.


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Great advice Adam. I have found that drilling down past the "so what do you do" to find the person's passion lays the groundwork for an ongoing relationship. It also gives you a better idea of how this person might help your current contacts and vice versa. There is simply no substitute for social acumen, which you have in spades. Nice post!


Thanks for the comment, Brett! You're exactly right about drilling down to find others' passions. We'll have to do another hockey game soon!

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