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Access Your Network for Results

Netework I often hear the question, "When should I use my network?"

My first reaction is to try and shift the tone of the question too 'When should you access your network?'

The fact of the matter is, that we build networks for a purpose and that purpose should be to produce output.  I like to call it economic output.  If we aren't accessing our networks to produce economic output, then our networks may be static.  Here are 3 times to consider accessing your network:

  • When you know (or even think) you can introduce someone into your network and cause success for them.  Success can be measured in many ways.
  • When you need to 'vet' an idea to determine its validity in the marketplace. Vetting can lead to time/cost/relationship savings.
  • When you meet someone that is exiting a corporate job and wants to get plugged into a more private sector world.  In a world of seemingly increasing corporate lay-offs, it is important to provide a relationship net for those in need of new opportunity.

Of course there are several other times to access your network, but start small and begin to plant seeds within your network to produce economic results.


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