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E-mail 101

Computer_stress I have been traveling quite a bit lately and I have to admit that it's tougher to keep up with e-mail when I'm on the road.  Can you identify?

There are some days when I feel so behind that I'd like to chuck the whole system and just go back to pens and paper... or maybe even smoke signals. 

Again... can you relate?

Well, even though I get frustrated from time to time... I love to hear about how people manage things like their e-mail. 

I love to hear about systems that work.

For example, I was working with a client yesterday. 

I know that she is very effective at managing her daily tasks so I asked her about her "system." 

She says that she follows a modified "Getting Things Done" system.  She says that she spends 2 hours each morning, clipping through her daily e-mails and to-do lists.  She swears by the system and says that everyone who e-mails her hears back within 24 hours and her in-box is always empty at the end of the morning session.

Read how the Brazen Careerist followed some of the same strategies to take her in-box to zero.

Sounding good?

Need more stories and specifics?  Click here to read one more example... just to keep you motivated.

So, how do you do it? 

Do you struggle too?

Do you have a system that works?

Share your successes or your challenges.

And... remember... we're in this together!

Click comments and join in the conversation.

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