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Why Try Harder?

215097528_33a77810a8You read how engaged employees improve profits.  You are bombarded by your employees to communicate better and create a better work environment.  Even your family and close friends tell you that you should do more for your employees at work.

So being the benevolent leader and owner that you are, you take this input to heart and begin the process of organizational change.  You are full of energy and ready to make great things happen.

Then it begins, the slow drain, the unappreciative employees, the never ending battles.  It seems that every time you make a little progress people are complaining about the next thing that needs to be fixed.  Soon you could care less and start to ponder of just letting things go back to the way they were.  Why try any harder?

The answer lies within your own beliefs.  Look at this way - what are willing to do for your children, parents, or grandparents?  Why not take these same beliefs and apply them to your employees.  Can you imagine the impact that you will have on the people who you spend most of your life with?  This is your opportunity to create change in our world.  Your opportunity to provide ideas, encouragement, and resources to people who may never have the opportunities you have. 

You can set the example of how to "Pay it Forward".  To give hope that there is a better way to conduct business and build a better future for those who make your business successful.

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