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Don't Give Up!

1759541088_604b5d3455_m The key to any success is do not give up! 

Of all the challenges in the world, changing a company culture may be one of the most difficult.  When you consider that you are trying to get a group of human beings to shift their perspectives, behaviors, and attitudes, please realize this is more difficult than astro physics.

Think of number of questions, doubts, uncertainties, and perspectives you process in one day.  We can go from sad to glad in an instant and we may not even really know why it happened.  Have you ever tried to back track your thoughts?  What was the linkage that took you to thinking about a certain topic?  Try it - it is not easy.

Now multiply this by the number of people in your organization, the fact that you can be influenced by all of them, and then you wonder why people in organizations give up on change.

I guess maybe it really boils down to the fact that if you are the change agent - you believe there is a better way.  You may even say it is a blind belief, because the visible confirmation of organizational change is scarce and sometimes hidden from us.

If you are the change agent, find the small successes that allow you to not give up.  Remember that in most cases it has all ready been done, so you are not really trying to achieve the impossible.  Organizations have been changing for thousands of years, so we really have never been alone in our quest.

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