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what's your sweet spot outside of work?

Glee I get to coach a lot of people who want to be in the "SWEET SPOT" more.

You know... that place where everything seems to flow.  That place where it feels natural.  That place where more often than not... things just click.

Yeah... the "SWEET SPOT."

It's interesting though... because most people only think about the "SWEET SPOT" when it comes to being at work. 

But all to often we forget that the "SWEET SPOT" can be a goal outside of our work-life too.  For example, recently I had a conversation with client a who was thinking about his sweet spot. 

Now,he didn't realize that he was thinking about his sweet spot... he just thought he was complaining. 

In fact, that's how our conversation started.  He began by telling me about how his business was growing and that he was facing so many opportunities. 

He said, "Things were so good... they are almost too good."

After listening for a while I started to ask "sweet spot" questions to move him towards taking an inventory of his current situation.  I wanted to explore what aspects of his current situation were "sweet spot" and which weren't. 

(I've suggested things like the love/loath list as an exercise to help with this in the past.)

Interestingly enough... when I started asking about the things he loves to do... he blurted out something to the effect of "I'd love to sit on my couch and read a book!" 

But then he quickly backtracked.  I could tell he felt bad for admitting something so simple. 

I asked him, "How long has it been that you've been able to do that?"

He responded with "Way too long."

Since it's been a goal for him to move more into his sweet spot I asked him "Would it be okay if some of your sweet spot stuff didn't involve "producing" anything?  Or at least anything work-related?"

He said "Yeah.  I guess."

I said "So it would be okay if your sweet spot stuff included being a good dad or being an awesome husband or even being well rested or well read?"

He said "Hmmmmm.  Yeah.  I guess so... yeah... of course."

So then I asked him, "What are some one degree shifts that you could make to make time for those things too?  You know... Not sweeping changes... but some small but significant shifts... to make your sweet spot outside of work a priority too?"

(David B. Bohl has some additional questions to help with this process.)

So we started to generate some small but significant things he could do.

    • Set up protected time with his family. 
    • Dates with his wife. 
    • Even specific time to do nothing... or... to read a book... on his couch.

Simple changes.  Small tweaks.  But intentional time for the sweet spot stuff outside of work.

How about you? 

What if you gave yourself permission to explore your "sweet spot" outside of work too?

What would you do? 

What would you try?

What are some specific things... small but significant things... that you could do to make time for your sweet spot stuff outside of work?

Click on comments and join in the convo. 

Let us know.

Photo credits and kudos to: dreadfuldan


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