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When's your Sabbath?

Whether you believe in the guidance of the 10 commandments or not... Thou shalt rest on the seventh day just makes sense doesn't it?

Now... there are many reasons to observe a "Sabbath" day... but let's just take the concept of rest for a minute.

We need it... don't we?

But how often do we make time for resting?Sick

Let me ask a more personal question.

How often do we make time for resting without feeling guilty about it?

We know it's needed.  Don't we?

Snowboarders know it.

Artists know it.

Productivity Gurus know it.

So... why don't we do it?


I think one of my favorite analogies on this matter comes from Gordan MacKenzie's book: Orbiting the Giant Hairball.

He talks about a picture that he saw. 

It was of a man standing across from a dairy cow in a field.  The man is yelling at the cow.  He's saying things like "PRODUCE MILK!"  "I want MILLLKKK!"

The cow just stands there... chewing.

The man doesn't recognize the fact that the cow... is in fact... producing milk.  It's just that the natural production process takes some "down time."

Yup.  That's a part of the natural process. 


But... we don't always give ourselves that time.  Do we?

So... what's something you could try today... to intentionally rest?

Go ahead.  Give it a try.

You don't even have to start out with a full day.  Start with an hour or two.

Work up to the full day.

Over time... experience rest.  Yup.  Guilt free.  "Milk-producing" rest.

Then... join in the conversation. 

Click comments and let us know how YOU did it.  And... let us know how it felt!

Photo credit and kudos to: looli


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