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Canada says... Turn off your BLACKBERRY!

The leadership of the Canadian Department of Citizenship and Immigration recently issued an order for employees to turn off their Blackberries at night and on weekends.

They wanted to help restore more work-life balance in the great white North.Blackberry

How about that?  Could you do it? 

It would be tough.  Wouldn't it?

I'll be the first one to admit that my Treo is at my side at least... 18/7 if not 24/7. 

I love to check e-mail while I'm on the go.  It's great to have a mini-office whether I'm in a parking lot or at my desk.

But... this convenience can become a problem.  Can't it?

Maybe you are like me.  I got my smart phone to help balance things.  It allowed me to take my boys to the park more often... and just check on work... from the swing set.

Then a BIG project came down the pike and I needed to check on things more often.  My smart phone helped me to avert crisis... and even helped me to be a hero with my quick responses.

But I noticed something. 

After a few weeks... I started to get addicted to checking.  AND... I also set the expectation of "accessibility." 

Yup.  A trap was set.  And I walked right into it. 

And I'm not alone.  Now... it's tough to say "no" to checking in... all the time.

But... I think... I'm going with Canada on this one.

Yup.  Call me a conscientious objector to distraction but I'm going to shut down the phone on the weekends (at least the e-mail portion) and I'll do the same most nights.

Who's joining me and the mighty Ca-nooks?

Come on!  Take the Canadian challenge and simplify... at least at night and weekends!

Want some more ideas on taking your life back... check out lifehack's 12 step program.

What are some ways you simplify?  Click comments and join in the conversation. 

And hey... know that the Canadians might be listening!

Photo credit and kudos to: Gorian Anicic


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