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5 keys to postcard marketing success

Postcard Remember how much fun it was to get a postcard from someone?  They often told of vacation adventures or far away places?  Back then, you probably didn't think of them as a marketing tool. 

But today, you know that direct mail and postcards are a cost-effective and attention grabbing way to deliver a marketing message.

There are some "rules of the road" when it comes to postcards that will ensure you get the most out of the effort.   Next time you are planning a postcard campaign, remember these:

~ Don't get overly cute with your headline.  Be direct.  Be bold. Deliver the benefit.

~ Keep it brief.  Do not cram your postcard with copy.

~ Use first class postage. You have better control over delivery time and if you imprint "address service requested" on the postcard, you'll get your undeliverables back.  That keeps your list and database clean.

~ If you are on a tight budget, be judicious with color.  Depending on your graphics, two-color printing will often do the trick.

~ Think over-sized.  They're much less likely to get lost in the stack of mail.

Why do postcards work?  Think of their key attributes.  Simple.  Fast.  To the point.  Effective.  Hard to argue with that combination!


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Aaaahhh...it's a long time since I use a postcard. wish i can make collecting it as a hobby before :)

veempire --

They can be pretty effective. But, not sure most marketing postcards are worthy of collecting! ;-}


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