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Concensus or Chaos?

1510963196_ae60e4e4d2Your day begins and one of your key management people informs you of a policy change.  The day continues and another management person informs you of the policy, but states that they totally disagree with the decision.  By the end of the day the rest of the management team has informed you of the policy change, but another management member tells you they disagree with the policy.

Soon you are thinking, what a bunch of idiots.  They make a decision and then tell everyone they disagree with it.  You are not alone with this way of thinking.  To many companies have not developed their leadership teams to a level where they fully support decisions.

If this scenario is prevalent in your organization, you have some serious issues to deal with.  Issues need to be debated, discussed and disagreed with.  Once that process is completed and the decision is made, then the group backs the decision 100%.  If it is not 100%, then I guarantee you will have organizational chaos.

This will allow those "thorny people" in your organization the opportunity to thrive.  They will see these differences and use them to back their own agenda or use them to try and topple a key management person.

Be sure your decision making teams in the organization have laid the ground rules for how they support decisions even if they disagree.

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