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Buy your ticket!


So I know that I border on trite by making the following suggestion... but I'm going to do it any way.

Go buy a lottery ticket.

Yup.  A lottery ticket. 

I know that the big lotto in Iowa is at umpt-teen bazillion dollars... so go buy one.

Just one will do.


Well... hasn't anyone ever asked you a question like "What would you do if you won a million bucks?"  I bet they have.  And I'm also betting you took a stab at answering it.

Maybe the answer came easy or maybe it was hard.  Maybe you stayed at a surface level or maybe you got specific. 

As a coach, I've asked similar questions of my clients to help them to dream big and think beyond their current situation.

But I have to tell you something... no better said... I have to confess... I haven't done this exercise personally for a long time.

That all changed this past Saturday night.  My wife and I had some spare time and the need to take a drive so we grabbed a lotto ticket on the way out of town.  As we drove we just started dreaming as if our ticket had hit BIG!

Sure we thought about what the dream house would look like, where we'd vacation,  who we'd go a see.

But then... we went beyond that... way beyond that.  And we started to get specific!

For example, we started to dream up a non-profit that we could start.  We thought about what it could achieve.  Who it would help.  Where it would be based.

Then, we went further. 

We thought of the people who'd sit on the board, the people we'd need to walk us through the process, the specific people we'd impact. 

I mean, we had lists of specific people and specific names!

We allowed it to get so real that we could see it actually happening. 

We could hear it.  Smell it.  And taste it!

Now, I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of gambling.  And I'm not even a big fan of lotteries... but that dollar on that night was a great investment.  Not because we hit the BIG jackpot.  (Cuz, we didn't.) 

It was a great investment because it allowed my wife and me to take a mini-dream vacation. 

We got to see a bit of our future and explore it.

Plus it left us asking the question... why wait on the dream?  Why not go for it now with or without the lotto's help!?! 

That dollar and that silly little ticket allowed us to dream a little bigger,  laugh a bit more,  and with a little divine inspiration mixed in... we saw a future that excited us in BIG ways!

So maybe you don't need to buy an actual ticket.  But I know for us it just made it a bit more fun... and a bit more real. 

Plus I know that lotto ticket will be taped to my journal, next to our notes as a $1 souvenir for our little vacation to visit the possibilities. 

So... what would be on your list?  What would you do with all of your earnings?  Click comments and join in the conversation!

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My dream would be for people to realize that buying lottery tickets is reserved for suckers. You can still dream the dream without contributing to the stupid tax.

The lottery, dollar by dollar, takes money from the people that can least afford to lose it. I would have preferred you take the dollar and ask me for a match for your dream. I'll match your dollar, in fact I'll match it with $5. Anybody else want to match it? (Just don't buy a lottery ticket with it!)

That would be the best way to make your dream work. That's why Warren Buffet gave his money to Bill Gates. They know how to multiply the money into more for charities.


Love the passion brother! Love it.

I'm hearing your opinion of the lottery... and I'm down with it.

Plus... I'm lovin' the "match" concept in regards to the BIG dreams! What's funny is that it relates to the concept behind the non-profit we started to get more clarity around that night!

My point was not to sell people on the lottery... my point was to encourage people to dream BIG and to allow themselves time to escape the reality of their day-to-day life... in order to really ask... "What if?"

My tool to help in the process... in this case... was a lottery ticket.

Did we need to buy it? Nope.

Did it help us dream that night. Sure.

Could we have dreamed BIG without it? Absolutely.

So... thanks for checking in... and thanks for sharing your opinion!

It's wise and valuable!

So... keep 'em coming!

Oh... and if you're a BIG dreamer... and you want to hang with some other BIG dreamers in May... check out www.BIGdreamgathering.com!

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