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Can two accounts make work/life balance easier?

When it comes to work-life balance... I'm all about simplifying things.

You know what I mean?  Igoogle

  • Removing anything that's not necessary. 
  • Organizing piles. 
  • Canceling unneeded meetings. 
  • Clearing off the desk. 

Yeah... simplifying is critical.

So... I'll admit when I read Peter Palme's post about using two separate igoogle accounts to help to simplify his work-life and his life-life... I cringed. 

But as I read on... I liked the concept more and more.

He explains that he uses one igoogle account to help him organize his work-life.  It searches leadership quotes, relevant news and weather forecasts for cities he might be visiting... and has those ready for him whenever he checks in.

Then... he explains that he has a separate igoogle account to help him manage his personal life.  When he visits that account, he'll find the latest recipes, movie times and his personal schedule. 

Again... although I'm all about simplifying things and eliminating duplication whenever possible... I like the idea of being able to pull up work stuff without getting distracted by some of my personal interests.  And I like the idea of being able to have access to the power of igoogle for my personal interests without being reminded of work stuff.   

And for you creative types... you can visit Snipperoo and find out a way to customize your igoogle and make it even MORE you... whether it's the "work you" or the "life you."

So give it a try and let us know what works for you on your work page AND your personal page.


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