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Are you exhausted from going for the gold?

So... are you exhausted?Sj_balance

Admit it.  Have you been staying up late to get a dose of Michael, LoLo or Shawn?

I've seen some droopy eyes lately. 

Many folks that I talk to can't tell me the last time they got eight hours of sleep, but they can tell me the color of Bob Costas' tie from last night!

I've also been hearing from people who work from home.  It sounds like these past few weeks have been especially hard to stay focused... as they've wanted to dash to their TV's for a quick hit from Beijing. 

How about you?

Can you relate?

I sure can.

So, I thought it might be helpful to do a quick refresher course on balancing work, life and major events like the Olympics.

Miss Bliss at Blissfully Domestic has some recommendations for staying focused while working from home.  She suggests making sure you are making time for personal tasks (like catching up on the Olympics or exercising), instead of trying to squeeze them in through out the day.

Karin Stewart recommends cutting out all distractions (yes... even your cell phone, e-mail and texts) for one hour a day.  She says it's amazing to experience what an uncluttered mind can achieve in a short period of time!  Yup.  That's right.  That also means not checking in on the USA's gold medal count during that time too!

Time Management Guru, Dave Crenshaw, takes a different angle and suggests promoting things like watching the Olympics.  He says, "Companies are not only wise to allow the inevitable when it comes to their employees sneaking on line peaks at the Games, but if managed the right way, it can actually improve productivity." 

So whether your sport is gymnastics, swimming or water polo... take some time.  Watch in moderation.  Root for the home team.  And still get your work done on time!

By the way... join in the conversation.  How do you balance things during big events like the Olympics?  Click on comments and share your secrets!

And lastly... go Team USA!

- Mitch

Picture credit and kudos to: jodfevic


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Remember, the Summer Olympics only come around every four years. You can sleep and get more work done next week.

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