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Death by Committee

Many companies utilize committees to involve employees in giving input or making decisions about the business.  Unfortunately, it is to prevalent that these committees produce few results and a lot of frustration. 

I would recommend that you ask yourself "Why create a committee?".  I believe it boils to a few key points.                                                                        Commitee_3

  • Increased profits/stock value
  • Supports strategic thinking                                                 
  • Reinforces the culture you have or want to create
  • Opportunity for personal/professional growth
  • Allows top leadership/management to focus on critical business functions

Focusing on these key points will give a clearer purpose for any committee and potentially get better results.  I say potentially for three reasons.  First, leadership must fully support the committees.  Second, there needs to be a high level of organizational trust.  Third, be sure the members of the committees have been trained in running a meeting (at minimum the committee leader).

When creating committees, take the time needed to create success.  One last comment - once they are up and running be sure that you have a system in place to measure results.


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