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Document, Document, Document

Companies with employee-friendly cultures have mastered the art of documentation.  This may sound odd, but documentation is a counter balance to human emotion and the abuses of power.  Sound odd, read on.Br_blog_5

Have you ever been told that you do a great job, are important to the company, et cetera. and then when it comes to a pay increase you get a pittance.  Without documentation of performance and how it relates to pay, there is no proof and it is tough to argue for that raise.

The problem employee that disrupts the workplace and lowers productivity.  They should be gone, you want them gone, and finally with a red face and high blood pressure they are terminated.  In a couple of days you are notified of lawsuit.  Without documentation of how you handled this employee's performance, the opposing attorney is going to eat your lunch.

Your excited about your new job.  The potential for growth, money, and power has you giddy!  When the honeymoon is over and you start to ask why these things are not happening you get hollow promises and are told to be patient.  Without a documented employee agreement, you will be waiting for what may never happen.

The employees moral is low, business is suffering, and gossip abounds.  The daily grind of work and the potential of layoffs and job elimination is aging you like being in bottle of vinegar.  Without documentation of how the company will handle a down cycle in business, you will loose your star employees, take years to recover, and potentially close your doors.

No one likes surprises and that is why documentation is critical to profitable business and an employee friendly culture.  Documentation is the road map that will get you where you want to be.


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Excellent post. Very good advice.


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