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Rest 101

The last time I had to post on a Sunday, I asked you the question: When's your "Sabbath?"

Rest_and_be_thankful If you remember, I challenged you... not on whether you agreed with the guidance of the Biblical command to rest on the seventh day or not... but on the concept of rest, itself.

We as a society... aren't resting much. Are we?

Our world has moved from a 9-to-5 economy, to a world-is-flat... 24/7... 365... global economy.  Haven't we?

Plus, when the markets have a roller coaster week like this past week... it's a little more difficult for some to rest.

And that's just work... right? 

Now, our kids schedules seem to be as packed as our own.  There's homework in 1st grade, piano lessons, travel teams and Tae Kwon Do.  When... in the heck... did that all happen?

Okay... so I posed this question... this challenge... back in January: "What's something you could do today... to intentionally rest?"

In all my boldness... I even took it a step further and asked... how could you do it... rest... without feeling guilty?

Well... I heard from many of you... that you started to take that challenge.  And it sounds like you... like me... have had weeks where you've gotten better at it.  And then some weeks... where you've gotten hit by the FREAKISHLY-BUSY freight train!

So, I thought that it might be good to offer a bit of a "Rest 101" course for you...

Maybe, we can take a tip from the Director of Work Leisure International, Peter Nicholls, and change our terminology of "work-life balance" to "work life harmony."  Ol' Pete says this mindset could help us achieve better balance and possibly lead to more rest.

I like the simplification concepts offered by CC Holland.  One was her suggestions to achieve better work-life balance... and be able to rest more is:

"Focus on frugality.  Hermes Aleman shares the advice to keep your needs and wants manageable, so you have some financial freedom and aren't a slave to work.  As you earn more, fight the temptation to spend more."

The glass hammer offered some great suggestions to those who are single and "Walking the Wire" of work-life balance.  One of their suggestions was to build strong relationships outside of work... and when they interviewed business women who were single... they overwhelming responded with the suggestion:

"That no matter how little time they were left with outside of the office, they had to have something else outside of work, to be passionate about.  Many of the women who responded to the survey said that a key thing for them was to make friends or get involved in an activity that had nothing to do with their job.  By doing so, they end up with a clear line separating the two, making it easier to stick with outside commitments."

Or maybe, we take a tip from a story out of Hollywood this week.  It's how the "$50-million-dollar man," Toby Maguire, took a stand for making time for family.  It was an unprecedented move in the movie industry.  He said he wouldn't step back into the Spidey costume if he didn't have time for his two leading ladies... his wife and his new baby daughter.  (Although some might balk at the fact that Ol' Toby made this move to score a bigger paycheck... I like the fact that he was ready to walk away from Spider-man 4 and 5 (and that BIG paycheck), if he didn't have time for his family.)  What could we learn from this one?

Okay... so... these writers and examples offer a few ideas on how to rest... and balance things a little better in today's busy world.

What do you have to say? 

What do you do to rest? 

More importantly, what do you do to rest without guilt?

Join in the conversation and let us know.

Photo credit and kudos to: Krasny Fotoapparat


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I wish I could say I take time to rest, but I don't. I was not one of the lucky ones that got to see your post in January. I wish I had because I could have a step up on the rest of us now. But, I like your points, now I have something to work on.

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