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Stressed out? Take the "O.T.W. Challenge."


You are at your desk.  You hear someone yell "FIRE!"  You begin to smell smoke.  The fire alarm sounds.

All of a sudden your heart starts to pump.  Your adrenaline does too.  You are able to run like Lolo Jones... hurdling waste baskets... rounding corners.  You make it out of the building in record time!

That's the fear that allows your body to respond in that way.  Fear is good.  It's your body's natural defense system.  Fear is what allows people to survive in scary and dangerous places.  Yup.  Fear is good.

Now... imagine a new situation.Worry

You are sitting at your desk and your boss walks by with an angry look on their face.  You start to wonder what would cause that "look."  You wonder if you might be part of the problem.  Your mind starts to race... filling in possible scenarios of possible mistakes you've made... or things that you've said in the past few days that could be misconstrued.  Within minutes your heart is pumping, imagining possible punishment.  You feel a bead of sweat as you ponder loosing your job.  That's worry. 

Worry isn't good.  It's what zaps your energy.  Worry is when your imagination races and paints pictures of negative outcomes.  Worry is when your creative mind works against you by creating nasty predictions.  Worry is a killer.  It's bad.

It shifts your creativity to produce negative results instead of positive solutions.

And, let's face it, with today's headlines there are A LOT of people worrying.  Aren't there?

Worry zaps your energy.  It zaps your joy.  It also causes you to over-analyze, so you get stuck.  And this can happen at work and at home.

What if you were able to break away from worry... at the office... at home?

Here's a challenge for you. 

I call it the "O.T.W. Challenge."

List out 10 times that you worried about something.  Then think about how many times the things you worried about really played out. 

Then, with each situation, ask yourself...

  • What if you hadn't worried in the situation? 
  • What would that have done for your creativity? 
  • What would that have done for your energy? 
  • What would that have done for your ability to enjoy what you were doing?

Then... in one situation over the next week... when you have the opportunity to worry... make a commitment to your self to identify it as, simply, an "O.T.W. (an Opportunity to Worry).

And then choose to not worry. 

Yup.  That's right. 

Identify it for what it is:  An "O.T.W." 

And then just say, "I'm not going to take that opportunity right now." 

See what happens.

Invite a friend to take the challenge with you.

Check with each other.  Share your results.  Encourage each other.  See if what it does for your creativity... your enjoyment... your peace of mind.

Then, click "comments" and let us know how it goes!

Photo credit and kudos to: tishay


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