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Recession does not = slash your prices

69717109 It's hard to escape the doom and gloom of the news media.  They make it sound like we're one bad stock day away from rampant looting and pillaging.

And business owners are scared.  They're looking for ways to cut costs.  They're thinking about laying off staff.  And, they're getting ready to lower their prices to bribe customers to come back.

Panic has never been a good business strategy.

In 12 or so months, we're going to be waving goodbye to the recession and hoping to get back to "normal."  Let's not make any mistakes today that are going to permanently hurt our chances of enjoying the good times that are sure to come back around.

As you think about the next 12 months, please remember these truths. (click on each link to read more.)

This is not the time for us to panic.  This is the time for us to realize the opportunities that come from our competitors cutting their marketing efforts, the value of loyal customers and the chance to streamline and improve our businesses as we weather the downturn.

You had the courage to start your business.  I hope you'll access the resources above and find the courage to stay your course. 

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