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Great Service Serves the Server, Too

I work with Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) with a  wide range of attitudes. There are those who, seemingly, don't care about anything. They willingly admit they don't care about the customer. There are those who don't really care, but they will perform if there's something in it for them. Then there are those who seem to genuinely desire to perform their job well and take good care of their customers.

No matter where you fall on the attitude spectrum, it may be worthwhile to remember that your customersCustomer perceive your attitude. Having a good service attitude may do more than serve the customer well, it may open up opportunities for the CSR as well.

I was reminded of this fact earlier this week as I met with a client. This client manages a contact center for one of Iowa's leading companies. She shared a great story about a CSR at a local retail store who went above and beyond to help her with a service problem. The CSR even called my client as she drove home from work to follow up and the issue and commit to resolve it the following day. My client was so impressed that she went to find the CSR the next day, handed the CSR her business card, and told her that she should call if she ever wanted a different career.

Within a month the CSR had called my client, received a much better paying job with plenty of opportunities for advancement, and quickly became one of the contact center's top performers. When you provide great service, your customers notice. Serve well, and you never know where it may take you.

Here's to great customer service and opportunities unlooked for in 2009!


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