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The PM Recruiter: An Interview with Kristin Solberg (Part 1)

SolbergKristin Continuing with my highlights of local project practitioners of excellent caliber, Kristin Solberg of Genesis 10 is the focus of this post.  Genesis 10 is a national consulting practice with offices in many cities across the U.S.  They offer a wide array of consulting services, including project management and business analysis.  Kristin is the recruiter for the Des Moines branch.  I've known Kristin for a number of years, and she exemplifies the qualities of a great HR recruiter.  In the current economy, finding the right project manager for the job is critical.  My interview with Kristin focuses on her skills in matching the right client with the right candidate.

Thank you, Kristin, for taking the time to talk to me.  Where do you find qualified project management candidates?

I have been in the IT recruiting industry for close to thirteen years. The last six of those years at Genesis10 has been specifically recruiting within the Project Management space.  At this point in my career the majority of candidates that I work with come from my own network as well as from referrals of individuals that we currently work with or have worked with in the past.  If you want to find a great project manager ask for referrals from those individuals whose work you have a great deal of respect for.  Their referrals are always a reflection of who they are.

How do you match your clients’ needs with available talent?

When working with a client we try to gather as much information about the opportunity as possible. That includes why is the position open, what are the individuals missing that you have currently spoken with and what type of person will succeed in the position.  It comes down to both a skill fit as well as personality fit.  The majority of opportunities that we work on we already have a understanding of what the client looks for.  That is the great thing about working in a small market such as Des Moines.  You get to know your clients not only on a professional level but also a personal one.

How do you balance technical fit with cultural (i.e., human/organizational) fit?

A number of individuals have the same skill set so ultimately it does come down to personality/culture fit.  When we present candidates they will have the core skill set that the client is looking for but different styles on how to complete the task.  The client then has to decide what style would work best for the project at hand.

How do you measure your success?

When both parties (client/project manager)come back during the project or completion of the project and tell us it was a "perfect match."  I also get great satisfaction when a candidate or client contacts Genesis10 due to our reputation in the market place.

Thank you again, Kristin, for your time and insight.  Look for the rest of the interview with Kristin on my January 19th post.


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I've heard of Genesis 10 in the past. They do seem like a great recruiting company.

In addition to Project Managers, Genesis 10 also recruits Business Analysts and Systems Analysts.

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Thanks for stopping by. I've heard of Modern Analyst and visit it regularly, since I'm preparing for my CBAP certification.

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