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A Formula For Organizational Change

11665918_thlOrganizational change is not a simple process and requires a lot of thought and resources. Time and time again change initiatives fail for a variety of reasons. Just imagine if there was simple formula you could follow that would guarantee success.

Well believe it or not there is a formula that has been developed that can increase your chance of success when implementing change. The basic formula is from the work of Richard Beckhard & David Gleicher. The formula is Dissatisfaction x Vision x First Steps > Resistance to Change or DxVxF>R. 

Meaning that if D, V or F have a zero value you are doomed to failure (you will need to remember your math). There is a new twist to the formula that has surfaced that adds Trust or T. The new formula is DxVxFxT>R.  I agree that the addition of trust to this formula does improve the accuracy of this formula.

If you are looking at implementing change, I would encourage you to take a long and deep look at your organization and how it stacks up to the components of the formula. Spending the time to evaluate, measure and discuss these components will help your change initiative go much smoother.


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