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Add value and save time? Talk about win-win!

Sunrise shown in time lapse. The motions of S...Image via Wikipedia

24 lousy hours.

That's all we get.  And yet, we are constantly pushing and being pushed to deliver more.  I've yet to meet a business person who wouldn't love to have more time. 

So when I discover a tool that helps me add more value AND save time -- that's worthy of some celebration. That's how I feel about Zemanta

Zemanta is a free tool that allows you to enhance your e-mails and blog posts by finding related images, Web and blog links, and tags. With the Zemanta Firefox extension (other browsers are available) incorporating these suggestions into your e-mail or post just requires a single click.

Basically, here's how it works. As you type in your compose window, along the right side are the images and article/blog post suggestions, updating and customizing as you compose.

Zemanta    You can see in this screen shot, the photos as they're sorted and presented.  There are small arrows below the photos that allow you to flip through all of their suggestions.  Below that are the relevant blog post and article suggestions (click on the photo to enlarge it).

You can also search for a specific words or phrases and alter the results.

Below the composition window, technorati tag suggestions and links appear.  If you want to add either to your work, again you just click once.

Picture 21 What this plug in allows you to do, in a nanosecond, is add images that you know are safe to use and additional content for your readers (click on the image to see a larger version).

The other huge benefit from using Zemanta is that when you add any content (images, posts, tags or links) Zemanta does two things.  First, it puts a little text icon at the bottom of your post and two, it adds your content to their library so that others can link to you just as easily as you just linked to them!

Literally, in just 2-3 minutes, I've added the time-lapse photo of the sun rise, added the link to technorati and Zemanta, chose three articles/blog posts (see below) to add even more content to this post and used their tag suggestions.  

On the Zemanta site, they have a demo for you to watch and very simple instructions for downloading and getting started.  I swear...I can't believe I did all of this manually before.

Huge hat tip to Mike Sansone for introducing me to this time and value Godsend!

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Wow! That is fantabulous! Thanks for the info!!

Great resource. Thanks for including the detailed user information in your blog. Seems like we're all looking for ways to get more done in our "24 lousy hours."

Pete & Jen,

You'll be amazed at how quickly you come to depend upon it!


Talk about value in a blog post! This is fantastic. I added the application as soon as I finished reading your well-written article.

Thanks Drew!

A very interesting and informative article.

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