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Grassroots networking

It’s no big secret. The ways in which we communicate are evolving.Blog

As advances in technology, especially those related to mobile connectivity and the Web, continue, the sheer number of contacts we are able to make and maintain on a daily basis will grow as well.

Case in point: Social media applications alone allow us to connect daily with dozens, hundreds, even thousands of people.

But for those of us who rely on these applications every day, becoming increasingly dependent on mobile devices and the Web to stay in touch, have things already changed so dramatically that the quality of our communication suffers?

Fellow blogger Cory Garrison, in his recent “The Rule of 10” post, wrote that “talking to 10 people in your industry who have an influence on growing your business” is a good thing.

That doesn’t include a tweet, status update or voice mail.  It means genuinely engaging in dialogue totally removed from the sometimes impersonal feel of electronic communication.

Breaking it down to the most basic level: genuine, face-to-face, sit-down-cup-of-coffee-or-beer connections will ultimately trump other forms of social networking.

The genesis of giant networks is one on one.  Mano a mano.

Maybe you are already using a grassroots approach to social networking, taking advantage of Facebook and the like only as a supplement to more personalized contact.

The end result of these efforts could be a more positive outcome for your friendships, career, business and brand.

See you in the news!

-Todd Razor


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