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Trust: Is it Broken in Your company?

3662009_thl Trust is something that we cherish and work hard to maintain in our personal lives.  Once trust is broken, it is very hard for a relationship to go back to the way it was before.  If it does get broken, we look to ministers, close friends, marriage counselors and psychologists to help us get through this violation of trust.  Trust is evaluated on a daily basis.

In business, we violate trust like eating candy, and this was before the financial meltdown that we are living through right now.  I believe that trust in business has never been so low.

There has been a steady stream of examples where we have lost trust - the stock market, banks, the auto industry, executive compensation, spending tax payers money on parties, financial consultants and identity theft.  Adding a little icing to this broken-trust cake, is the fact that millions of American workers have been laid off with little or no warning and with total disregard to the value they have produced in the past.  Then we all sit and wonder how could this happen.

It is easy to point the finger at executives, supervisors, board of directors and many others to why trust is broken.  The problem is that we do not point the finger at ourselves.  Trust is built one relationship at a time and then roles up into organizational trust.  Please understand that I totally agree that those who have power have a higher responsibility to maintain trust, but it does not give those who do have power a free pass to violate the trust.

If the business world spent 1/100th of the effort on building trust like we do at home, we would see a dramatic change in this world.  Trust comes from faith and right now we all need to have faith in each other if we want to change the world for the better. 


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I wholeheartedly agree with the author. However, it takes the CEO and top executives to live the model every day in building trust. That's where it starts. It should be a core corporate value. It doesn't take much by a CEO to erode trust.

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