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A common insurance theme

Exercise In an effort to inspire me with my blog writing, a friend sent me to a recent blog post from “The Fit Bottom Girls."

She said this blog post was “funny, refreshing and highlighted past blogs” and thought it would be a good idea for me to try something like it.

Now, what makes this so hilarious to me is that:

  • These girls are talking about exercise – not insurance
  • They talk about food, family and fun – again not insurance
  • They are hilarious - really, there are a lot of funny things that can be said about exercise.

Now anyone who has read an insurance policy knows that it is not something you would casually pick up and get a chuckle over. Out of curiosity, aside from myself, has anyone out there ever even read their policy?

Of course I am really stretching this - my friend's intent was to inspire me to perhaps be a little more creative with my writing. I just thought it was humorous to use a blog about exercise as a comparison to insurance.

Aside from other insurances and maybe financial planning (especially now) there aren’t too many other industries that aren’t fun to write about.

However, I am willing to give this a whirl and see how what happens. So, here's a highlight of what I have covered year to date. 

How many times have I asked you to keep a list or write things down?  2
(An insurance resolution list for business owners, Are you managing your workers’ compensation?)

How many times have I referred to people suing you?  4
Wow – you can tell that I have a claims background! (Businesses beware , Are you a gambler, It’s not raining so why do I need an umbrella? An office errand and your business auto insurance)

How many times have I suggested that you review your policy with your agent? 3
(Don’t be a copycat, If it ain’t broke, Have you ever had to rent equipment

So I guess my “theme” this year pretty much boils down to this:

  • Write things down and keep a list because people will sue you
  • Make sure that you review your policy and discuss your coverages with your agent

It’s a simple message really – making sure you have the coverage you need in place when you need it. That is what your agent is for – to help and advise you along your journey.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the recap this month – stay tuned for more exciting news - next time we will be talking about equipment breakdown: What is it? What does it cover? And, why do you need it?


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Here is a lesson I learned in business that relates to insurance. You will be fooled by and get into business with unethical people. You may need to file suite against them. When you do, they will conter. The question to ask is this. Is your business vulnerable to counter suit, meritorious or not, and can I insure against it?

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