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Does your business have e-risk?

Laptop Is your businesses trying to go “green?”

It seems to me that there is a push to be paperless. I remember a time when small businesses did not have computers – it was an old fashion paper and pencil to process accounting books (ledgers – remember these?), accounts receivables/payables, invoices and payroll – okay, we had calculators.

We sure have come a long way fast. Now there are multiple software programs available that a business owner can use that will pretty much do everything for your business operation.

You can keep everything stored right on your computer and everything is available to you at the touch of a keyboard.

With our online capabilities, business owners are able to operate in many different forms and offer their clients an easier way to do business and a convenient way to pay.

Let’s face it – there is so much you can do with computers and online access. From a consumer perspective, it is great! It’s easy and convenient, with less paperwork and less mail. Need I say more?

However, from a business perspective, there may be some risks that you are not aware of. I touched on this subject last year in my blog titled - Are you protecting your customer's identity?

However, in light of the recent settlement announcement with TJ Maxx and Marshalls, I felt it was a good idea to touch base on it again.

A breach in data can be critical to a business that handles confidential information. The breach can take on different forms, too. It is not always someone hacking into your network and accessing your data.

  • It could be an employee that forwards information from your business to their home or elsewhere.
  • It could also be someone that steals your laptop, cellphone or mobile device.
  • Do you have your computer programmed to remember your user name and password?
  • Do you have your passwords stored on your Blackberry?

It does not matter the size of your company or the industry that you work in. If you have a computer in your business and/or utilize any online transactions that involve personal information with your clients, you are at risk.

When it comes to insurance – there are typically limitations on these risks unless you increase your coverage or add additional coverage. So dust off your insurance policy and call your agent today to make sure that you are properly covered.


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