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Finding Fresh Eyes


Remember years ago as a child looking for the elusive four-leaf clover in the yard?  The hunt could last for hours as you strained and focused on trying to find the lucky piece of clover.  Eventually, you started to wonder if it really existed.  Then your mom or dad would walk up and see how you were doing.  The look of frustration on your face explained the situation all too well.  They sat down and within minutes they would find the four-leaf clover.  The same story can be told for working on puzzles, coming up with ideas and changing the culture in your company. 

The fact that you did not find the clover sooner is not due to a lack of effort, knowledge, or willingness.  It is that your eyes and perceptions become clouded due to your intense focus.  That is why your parents found the clover so quickly – they had the fresh eyes.

Those responsible for changing company culture to improve the bottom line and their employee's lives, sometimes suffer from the same tired eyes as the child hunting for the lucky piece of clover.  They have the want, knowledge and willingness, but blinders have narrowed and clouded their view of the company and its employee owners.  They become frustrated, cynical, and start to lose the passion once at their fingertips.  It does not take long for the company to begin to mimic the same symptoms.  This is a time when you need to find ways to re-energize your eyes or bring some fresh views into your world.   

Does this sound familiar?  You preach the same ideas, practices and stories, but it seems to have no impact.  It is similar to how parents sometimes feel about their children – they just do not listen or get it.  This is opportunity where an outside influence may be the answer.  In the family it may be a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or a good friend that can help the child to understand.  In organizations it can be the independent board member, an outside speaker, consultant, or even your customers.  These resources bring the fresh eyes that can see issues clearly and provide solutions.  Do not be afraid of the “outside“ perspective. 

Do not let the routine of business, personnel issues, or individual habits restrain you and your organization from reaching new heights.  Take the actions that can widen the view of possibilities to increase the bottom line and enhance your employee's lives.  Remember that fresh eyes are the best eyes!




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