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The Power Of Passion


My father has lived alone the past two years and has just recently started to see a wonderful woman. The other day, he made this statement to me: "Vacuuming and dusting the house is not so bad when you have a good reason for doing it." He has a new passion for life and it has changed his perspective at all levels (he was married to my mother for 40+ years, the only women in his life until two years ago).

I am sure that all of you can relate to the feelings that my father is experiencing. It is truly amazing what happens to individuals and organizations when passion has been lost. Daily tasks become burdensome, we start to question why we do what we do, and cynicism comes alive. Our energy seems to leak away and we feel like we can never make any headway.

Why is that organizations and individuals loose their passion for life? It is fear, lack of knowledge and getting stuck in the rut.

It is safe to stay in the rut or routine of life or work. We know what to expect and it is simple. As time goes on the safety is comforting, but everything starts to dull and tarnish as we continue to do the same thing. Gaining new knowledge can change this. New knowledge allows us to change perspective and gives a new luster to the former dulled and tarnished tasks.

The lesson, as my father would advise, is to face yours fears and take the first step. There is knowledge to be gained everywhere. Break out of the rut once in while to truly see what life has to offer.

Find your passion and you will find a new way to live life. 


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