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It Is All About Perspective

4894827_thl Have you spoken or heard the phrase "Walk a mile in my shoes and then you will understand?" This saying clearly explains the power of perspective.

Understanding the perspective of individuals, work teams and the organization is critical when implementing change.  In many cases organizational change has unintended consequences for failing to appreciate the perspective of those impacted by the change.

You may think that everyone is in the front row ready to take action, but there are most likely groups that are in fear of the front row.  Understanding others perspectives is like peeling an onion.  It will take some time, it may well stink, the stink may linger and may not go away easily, and there could be tears involved.

Making the decision of what is right or wrong is not easily decided until you can appreciate why a person is the way his or she is.  This appreciation takes time, effort and patience.  

It will not eliminate hard decisions, but it will lead to a stronger culture based on respect, responsibility and acceptance.  Remember, we each have our own skeletons in the closet!


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