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A Paint Can of Cookies

87528962 Gifts come in many ways, but I was very surprised the other day when I received a UPS package that contained a paint can.  Needless to say I was very curious as to what the paint can contained.  It was a "welcome to the team" note with cookies from my new employer RSM McGladrey.  I have not even started the position and they are sending me a signal of their culture . Very impressive.  Even more impressive is an agenda for my first day that includes lunch.

What are the signals your culture sends to new employees?  Do they wait in the lobby with no conversation, wait for follow up calls or emails, have no idea of what the first day will bring or is it the standard paper work and then get them to work? 

First impressions are powerful and difficult to change, just as it is difficult to change a company's culture.  One of the greatest tools in changing company culture is new blood.  New employees bring no baggage and are eager to prove themselves.  They will be the first to accept change and step up to take on new challenges.

If culture change is a priority for you, it may serve you well to examine the process you use in bringing new people to your company.  It may be time for some new paint.


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