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Write it down!

93536960 Most marketers will enter 2010 at a huge disadvantage. What is it? 

They don’t have a written marketing plan.  (I know...I wish it was more earth-shattering too!)

It’s one of those things we all know we should do. And yet, we don’t.  My theory for why professionals who know better still break this cardinal rule is because the task feels daunting.

And done completely, it can be.  And should be.  But rather than not do anything at all -- why not at least practice marketing plan lite?  Here’s what you need to do:
  • Identify your top three audiences and rank them in importance.
  • Identify 3-4 different marketing tactics that you are going to create/continue to talk to these audiences. Don’t choose passive tools that you don’t control.
  • Decide when you are going to launch/deliver each of these tactics.
  • Figure a ball park cost to create each of these tactics so you have an approximate budget.
Now put it all in a spreadsheet/calendar so you know what to do when.  Voila, the lazy man’s marketing plan.

Is there a lot missing?  Sure.  But at least you have a game plan.  And that game plan (if followed) will give you a significant leg up on most of your competitors because they won't have even bothered to go this far.

Now share that document with your entire team, boss, employees etc. so there’s some accountability.  Next step -- roll up your sleeves and start putting the plan into action. 

I know it sounds simple....but actually take action on this and you'll leave your competition in the dust!

Happy New Year!

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