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Are you ready to learn in the 21st century?

92989596 When I think about the necessary skill for today's business owner (in the context of marketing and for simply running a business) one of the top 5 is the ability and desire to keep learning.

If I had stopped learning about marketing when I was 30 -- I'd been in the business for almost 10 years.  I was considered "seasoned."  But, I still had plenty to learn.  And I certainly learn differently today than I did back then. 

The new buzzword "21st Century Learning" seems to be most often applied to public education and children.  But I believe there's a whole new world of learning out there for us adults as well.  Especially today's business owner who must remain incredibly current and nimble if we're going to survive.

Here are some of my favorite 21st Century Learning tools. 

TED:  (Ted.com) This non profit is dedicated to ideas worth sharing.  Through their live conference and now through their incredibly robust website, you can listen to some of the most brilliant people in the world as they happily share their knowledge.

Check out these three:

Slideshare:  (Slideshare.net)  People from all walks of life share their PowerPoint presentations on just about any topic you could imagine.  Some are dreadful...but many of them are packed with new learning and resources.

Alltop:  (Alltop.com)  Alltop is an aggregator of blogs by topic.  You want to read about geo caching...you're all set.  Leadership -- you bet.  MInd mapping, marketing and quilting...all there for your learning pleasure.

This doesn't mean I am abandoning book, learning by doing or any of my old favorites.  But it does mean that I'm smart enough to recognize there's not only plenty still to learn but there are plenty of new ways to learn it.

I'm excited that Mike Sansone has just launched a new blog on the topic of 21st Century Learning as well.  One of my favorite learning techniques has always been -- follow the smart people.  So I am anxious to see where Mike takes us all.

So....how do you learn differently today than you did 20 years ago? 

~ Drew

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