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Do Not Waste A Good Crisis

89694320 There seems to be crisis everywhere and it is touching most everyone in some way.  Most people do not like crisis, but within crisis there are many opportunities that are wasted.

During a crisis, people and organizations are much more willing to be creative, change, and venture down paths that were once avoided.  Crisis pushes organizations to clean things up and get rid of "dead" weight, just as trees do during storms.  The clean up allows for new growth in different ways, which ultimately creates a stronger and leaner organization.

Crisis pushes leaders to address issues that have been put off or neglected.  In many cases the "gut" feeling that leaders may have had for sometime are now either confirmed or dismissed.

Crisis also allows past mistakes to rise to the surface and be exposed to everyone who may be impacted by those mistakes.  Crisis creates accountability for those who made the mistake and the opportunity to learn from those mistakes.  Make no mistake, the lessons that are learned can be hard and cruel.

A crisis is only a crisis if nothing is learned and nothing changes.  A crisis is an opportunity when mistakes are accepted, learned from, and there is a plan put together to avoid them in the future.


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