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Melting snow means rising waters

IowaFlood It certainly seems that spring has sprung. As I write my entry this week, most of the snow has melted and Thursday was absolutely gorgeous. Everyone I have talked to lately has a little bit of spring fever - which is fitting since we just had spring break. I am being optimistic about the upcoming weekend report.

While many of us are thrilled to see the snow leave, it doesn't depart us without an additional threat. Iowa has had it's share of flooding issues in the past. I am sure many of you remember the floods of 1993, as well as the floods of 2008. Flooding is such a concern in our state that Gov. Culver has proclaimed the month of March to be "Flood Awareness" month.

This is actually a good time to start thinking about those concerns as well. Flood insurance is not coverage that is provided in your standard homeowners or business owners policy. This coverage is sometimes confused with water back-up coverage. Though most policies can provide coverage for water back up and/or sump pump failure, it is not the same as flood insurance.

Flood insurance is actually a separate policy that would need to be purchased in order to have coverage for those damages. There is also a 30-day waiting period that applies before coverage goes into effect. 

One of the most important steps one can take is educate themselves about flood risks. There are many resources available that can help address your concerns and help you be prepared:

  • www.bereadyiowa.org - this site has helpful tips with creating emergency supply kits and evacuation plans
  • www.Floodsmart.gov - has a tremendous amount of information from what the definition of a flood is, to instructions on reading a flood map. They also have resources that can help you determine if you are in a flood zone, as well as assist you with the cost calculations of flood insurance
  • www.rio.iowa.gov  -  has excellent information about how our state is helping, legislation as well as other community forums

So if you are concerned about flooding issues, or want to know if you should be, check out these resources.

It will be worth your time.

Photo on Flickr by American Red Cross


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