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Planting Seeds

4152434736_6bc52547f8 Spring has arrived and it is time to plant the seeds that will blossom into flowers, fruits and vegetables.  The process takes time, patience and nurturing. 

Organizational change follows a very similar process. The timing of organizational change is critical, as is the timing of planting the seeds for organizational change. The introduction of an idea, concept or vision of change can easily fail if is not planned well.

Implementing change randomly or following the latest fad typically results in lack luster results. To increase your chances of success, plant the idea of change early and let it slowly evolve with the influence of others.  When the time is right, nurture it, feed it and let it grow into the fabric of the organization. In time, change occurs and the organization improves in a natural and powerful way.

 Flickr photo by organic gardening association


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