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We're Talking About Practice ... to Improve Sales

The above clip is the reaction of 11-time NBA All-Star Allen Iverson after his former coach, Larry Brown, made public comments regarding Iverson's practice attendance and focus. Iverson is one of the most naturally gifted players to ever play the game. In fact, early in his career their was speculation that Iverson might surpass Michael Jordan as the greatest ever. However, as you can see, Iverson may not have appreciated the role that practice could play in his (and his team's) ultimate success.

Of course most of us accept that athletes must practice. Practice is basically part of the job description.  However, when the subject of practice comes up in sales, the reaction can be something similar to that of Allen Iverson.  Below are a few.

"My sales are great.  Why should I practice?"

If this is your reaction to practicing your sales process, you may be a Naturally Gifted sales person.  Don't settle being great when compared to everyone else.  Practice to achieve your full potential.

"I don't have time to practice.  I'm too busy trying to make sales."

Are you really just Unorganized?  Perhaps you have some semblance of a sales system,  but you don't really know it thus you can't really practice following it and no improvements can be made.  Learn and practice it and your percentage of successful execution will increase.  You will still be busy, but it will be closing sales instead of chasing them.

"Role play?"  Gulp!

Are you Fearful or Self-conscious?  Most are when it comes to role playing ... and most who try a career in sales struggle.  Coincidence?  The bottom line is that you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable, so practice!

"Each situation is unique.  How can I practice?"

Sounds like there is No Process.  There is nothing to practice.  Read some books, take a class, hire a sales consultant.  Do whatever it takes to develop a process that you can practice.  Otherwise, unless you are naturally gifted, you won't survive long.

As a business owner or a professional sales person, you have the opportunity to help many other businesses and people by helping to solve their problems and reach their aspirations.

Don't limit your own impact by failing to practice!

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