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Avoid fighting even the little gorilla

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In case you haven’t heard, YouTube won its case against Viacom, who sued for copyright infringement based on thousands of Viacom videos that were uploaded to YouTube.

Now that YouTube escaped liability for piracy, you may post ANYTHING you like on your website, right?

To put the answer in legal terms: no, no, No, NO.

The 1000-pound gorilla just defeated the 800-pound gorilla. (800-pound gorilla has vowed to appeal.)

Before drastically changing the content policy for your website, consult your Intellectual Property attorney. Copyright law is old but evolving. At this point it may be better to stay the course and heed trusted advice for your online business.

Now may be the wrong time to mess with the 800-pound gorilla who is looking for the fight it can win.

- Christine Branstad



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