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Creating ESOP Shelf Space

2275033486_cd4166bcc9 If you want someone to learn a new idea, then you have to give them a reason to want to learn the idea.  Yes, there are those that will automatically want to learn the new idea, but for most it will take time and patience. 

In the marketing world "creating shelf space" is a big part of creating success.  This concept is not associated with intense training or high pressured sales and marketing tactics.  It is about creating a mental space for an idea, concept or product to gestate.  This creates an opportunity that when the time is right, the person will "take the book off the shelf and start reading it". 

This technique lends itself to self development, which is the most efficient and effective style of learning and the bedrock for change.  What are you doing to create ESOP shelf space in the minds of your employee owners?  If there is no shelf space, then ESOP is just four capitalized letters.

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Interesting to consider applying mental shelf space to ESOP employees, who, after all, ARE the brand.

Thanks for the link to the slide deck!

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