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Keep Our Jobs In Iowa

Finding a job is no easy task in this economic climate.  There is a lot of discussion on c2312948335_003ddae01a_treating new jobs, but in many cases the preservation of jobs is forgotten until there is a crisis.  Only then, do local communities and state agencies scramble for strategies to keep the business from closing.  This is a reactionary response instead of proactive one.

A proactive approach is selling the business to the employees.  It allows the owner to give something back to the employees and communities that helped build the business, if you are an owner you will work harder to grow the business and keep the business viable, and sharing ownership allows wealth to be accessed by a greater number of people. 

Iowa's local, regional, and state agencies should be well versed in the different forms of employee ownership as a proactive strategy to preserve jobs.  Let's hope that the strategies and discussions of employee ownership are alive and well in Iowa!

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