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Becoming an entrepreneur

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It's tough to be young and in the business world. Rather than relying solely on my observations on what is the impact of Young Professionals in Iowa's business world I've been seeking the perspective of others, both younger and older, to get their perspectives.

The first person I talked to was Alexander Grgurich, a young professional entrepreneur trying to make his way in the business world. Alex is already on his second successful start-up company and has even dived into actively participating in municipal politics. I asked Alex to give me some insight as to what inspires a twentysomething to become an entrepreneur. - Isaiah McGee

Here is his response:

I’ve been fascinated with entrepreneurship from an early age, selling candy out of my locker or running my own placemat advertising business in high school. I think it’s the sense of adventure and knowing that you’re risking it all to forge your own path that keeps me coming back for more.Thankfully, Des Moines embraces young entrepreneurs like myself and is developing a collaborative work environment that is spawning more and more innovation at every turn.

I recently opened Foundry Coworking, a collaborative office space for other innovative entrepreneurs and creatives in the area. Coworking is an international movement taking root where people can share office space and amenities while building a community centered around success and making each other better. Cheap office space can be found anywhere, but what really separates coworking environments is the community of “doers” in the space, the relationships that form, and the events that are held to make the community that much better.

As much as the entrepreneurial life is rewarding and exciting there are times where that inspiration and positivity can be difficult to keep up. I’ve found that being surrounded by people with the same challenges that I have has been a great motivator to pick me up and keep me focused when I need it. Although my fellow office mates are all in different industries than I am, we all share an ethos that pushes us to help each other and strive for success.

The economic trends of late have pushed a lot of people into the realm of freelancing or creating new ventures. As this trend continues and more people come to value the freedom and rewards in having your own business, collaborative work spaces will continue to satisfy a need in the community.

Whether it’s Foundry Coworking, Impromptu Studios, or Performance Marketing Group, Des Moines is blessed to have so many coworking spaces and I recommend everyone stop by each one for a day to get some work done, attend an event, or just to visit and meet new people. - Alex

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