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Firing a Customer

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Most businesses will take the step to fire a customer that is not profitable or presents a potential liability to the company.  How many businesses would fire a customer to protect their employees?

Obviously a business would fire a customer if they presented a physical threat to an employee, but would the business fire them to support their employees and show that they trust in the work they do?

It really boils down to who is more important - the employee or the customer? The debate rages as to who is most important.

Companies that place their employees first have no trouble firing a customer that violates the ethics and principals of how employees are expected to treat each other. Being a customer does not give added influence into these organizations. These companies believe in the culture they have created and will not let anyone cross the limits, including the customer.

The bottom line is important, but what is the greater cost? What signal does it send when an employee is expected to grin and bear it, no matter what type of behavior a customer may exhibit? Firing a customer is one of the most significant acts of support a leader can make.

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