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Let Them Breathe!

A classic adventure movie scene has two people momentarily trapped under water with only one scuba tank between them.  Typically one of the people is an experienced diver or a spy or at the very least, has the emotional control to keep from panicking.  The other person is generally not skilled and is often overwhelmed and panicky.

The person in distress quickly learns to trust the other person to help them!

Imagine two amateurs in the same scenario.  One takes a breath from the regulator and hands it to the other person.  Just as that person is halfway through their breath, the first person yanks it back because they fell like they need to breathe.  Pretty soon they are fighting for air.  Neither gets the chance to breathe regularly and neither is able to relax.

The only chance for their survival is for one to hold their breath long enough for the other person to get their air and relax.

Scuba Diver An elite salesperson is in control of their need to "suck air."  To get their prospects to relax and trust them with their "business life," they "hold their breath" until their prospects have had all the air they need.

In other words, the elite salesperson knows that they build more trust with their prospects by listening rather than talking.  Because it is so hard for many people to do and because most people are not used to being heard, it is a tremendous demonstration of true empathy and caring.

When it is their turn to breathe, the sales pro does not hog the air.

They may make a short statement, ask another questions, then give the breathing regulator back to their prospect.

Have you had extraordinary results through extraordinary listening?

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