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Media training tip #3: Make it quick and memorable

93536134 So...you're going to be interviewed on your local TV noon news segment.  Or you have reporters calling because your company is in the middle of a controversial issue.  Or it might be that a blogger wants to do a digital interview using web cams.

No matter how friendly, how laid back or how intense a media interview might be -- there are some basic rules you should remember to take full advantage of the opportunity (or to mitigate the damage if that's the scenario.)

I'm sharing a series of tips (you can find tip #1 and tip #2 by clicking on the numbers)  that will help you make the most of your 15 minutes of fame!  Today, let's talk sound bytes.

Grab them at the start: The stark reality is that the average audience member (whether they're watching you on TV or reading a story about you in the newspaper) has the attention span of a gnat.  So if you aren't fascinating from the get go, you'll lose their interest.  So make the first words out of your mouth absolutely memorable.  If you can be provocative or surprising, all the better.

Don't be a walking run on sentence: Reporters are looking for money shot quotes.  Be concise in your answers.  This is especially true for TV or video interviews.  The editors will be looking for short, pithy comments that they can slice and dice into a story.

Create memory tricks for the audience: Use acronyms (if they actually make sense...don't force it) to help the audience remember your key points.  Or take advantage of a rhythm or rhyme to help plant the core points.  (Stop, Drop and Roll comes to mind).  These are often easy CGs (computer graphics) that can be added on the screen (broadcast or video)  or a call out box (print or web) that can be added to enhance your interview as well.

End big: Whether it's a challenge or a warning or a bold statement -- you want to close the interview in a way that won't quickly be forgotten.  Even if you're trying to squeeze in a web address or phone number for more information, don't let that be the final thought.

Media exposure can be an incredible benefit to an organization.  So when you get the opportunity -- make sure you maximize it.

~ Drew


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