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Break Out of Your Routine to Avoid Burnout

Webster's defines burnout as “exhaustion of physical or emotional strength or motivation usually as a result of prolonged stress or frustration.” A condition that can affect people of all ages, burnout can also arise out of almost any activity.

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For example, a recent Wall Street Journal article cited the struggle many parents and children go through to avoid burnout while seeking to find the right balance with sport teams, family time and other interests. It's a topic of discussion that has ramped up in recent years as the number of children involved in travelling sports leagues grows, and the age when they begin to play competitively continues to lower.

While there are many positives to playing sports, children specializing in one sport can experience too much competition, overtraining and excessive travel according to Dr. Gerald Masterson and James White. To avoid burnout, they suggest:

· Encouraging children to learn a lot of skills

· Allowing for breaks from sports in the calendar year

· Not having children specialize in one sport until they are in high school

· Remembering that sports are just games and should be fun and enjoyable to those who participate


In business, people often feel similar dissatisfaction stemming from repetitive, undiversified or unrecognized work. This can lead to stress and burnout that will result in decreased productivity and ultimately hinder one's chances of success.



It’s important when you notice your productivity level decreasing due to burnout to take steps to prevent the situation from getting worse. Consider these steps from Helpguide.org:

  • Actively address problems. Take a proactive approach and you’ll feel better if you assert yourself and express your needs.
  • Ask for new duties. If you’ve been doing the exact same work for a long time, try something new.
  • Take time off. Sometimes you need a complete break from work. Use the time away to recharge your batteries and take perspective.

Pressures to win and succeed in life can cause stress in anyone’s life, which can lead to burnout. In order to stay healthy, enjoy what you’re doing and succeed in life, take the proper steps to avoid burnout.


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