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Frustration is Alive!

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Is the economy going to improve or not? Will I have a job tomorrow or not? Will I get social security or not? Should I put money in the stock market or not? Is it time to stuff money under my mattress or not?

These are the types of questions that permeate the conversations of today. There is so much unpredictability in our environment that people are really feeling the impact of the unknown.  It is just like waiting for the results of tests from the doctor's office - it can drive people crazy.

The unknown lowers company productivity and profits. These are times when leaders and companies need to accelerate their communication and face the unknown head on. No one can control or predict the future and the focus should be on what can be controlled.

This is a time to rally the troops and get everyone focused on what is right in front of them.  Keeping employees busy on internal improvements, training and giving input on changes is a great way to keep frustration at a minimum.

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