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New Administration -> New Rules

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Despite the refrain of pundits, new administrations are not "same old same old." New leaders come in with new ideas, new agency leaders, and plans to “make a difference."

The most direct effects are felt at the agency / administration / department level (I will just use "agency" for the remainder of the blog). If your company has someone dedicated to the regulatory process, that person will get to know the new guard and review changes. If, like most small businesses, that job falls on you, take steps to recognize upcoming changes.

1)    Check the agency website every week until June.

2)    Call and find out if the agency sends out a newsletter. Get on the list.

3)    Call the lobbyist for your business association and ask to be in on the lobbyist’s newsletter.

4)    Check your association website regularly.

If you are tech-savvy, get the appropriate RSS feeds. If you are not, ask a teenager to help you.

Most agencies want you to be in compliance and want things to move smoothly. Find a liaison who will help ensure that you have the appropriate information to be in compliance.

My next blog will focus on proactive steps you may take regarding the laws/rules before you become ensnarled in red tape.

- Christine Branstad


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