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Following Rules is Easier when you Write the Rulebook

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My last blog was about dealing with “red tape” and following agency rules and regulations. Sometimes the most efficient way to deal with rules is to help write the rulebook.

 There are many ways to write the rules.

1)      Write to your legislator.

2)      Participate on a board or commission.

3)      Join a trade association that lobbies on your behalf.

4)      Lobby for yourself.

5)      Hire a lobbyist.

U.S. citizens have a first amendment right to petition their government. Corporations also have first amendment rights.  Many businesses exercise that right through lobbying.

Lobbyists are paid advocates who educate and persuade legislators. Most people assume lobbyists simply push for or against proposed legislation, but lobbyists may help draft proposed legislation or suggest amendments. Often, the lobbyist’s job is simply to make a bill “fit.” For example, if a proposed bill would heavily regulate balloon sales, the clown lobby may seek an exception for non-helium balloon animals.

Lobbyists may also put together research that would otherwise go unnoticed by legislators who have to address legislation on myriad issues.

A skilled lobbyist will:

  • Have rapport with lawmakers and know who will serve a key role in specific legislation.
  • Be proactive by heading off contrary or obstructionist legislation.
  • Keep clients informed of upcoming legislation and the associated rules.  
  • Maintain contact with legislators or members of the executive branch with influence over government agencies.
  • Develop relationships with other lobbyists for collaborative efforts and negotiation.

If you help write the book, it is less likely they will "throw the book at you."

- Christine Branstad

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