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Is your work a choice?

4842380202_2318f6b9d2_tFor most employees, work is not a choice. It is a forced action. This is one of the biggest obstacles to creating a productive and engaging work culture.

The requirements of money, family and benefits push people to a forced action versus a conscious choice of fulfillment at work. What were the real reasons you chose your current occupation? Chances are high that life fulfillment was not a priority at the start.

Once the routine of pay, benefits and work schedules have set in, the question of "why do I do this" sets in. This internal conflict keeps employees from being engaged and productive.  It is not easy for a company culture to overcome this internal conflict and that is why many companies give up on culture.

Those companies that create a culture that allow employees the slightest chance of finding a sense of fulfillment perform well. Those that allow fulfillment to flourish blow the doors off performance. What culture will your company choose?

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