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Keep Your Head Above Water With These Time Management Tools

Are you drowning in tasks, calendars, and projects to manage? Need a life preserver?
Me too.

I grew up in Northwest Iowa on the shores of Twin Lakes, near the small towns of Pomeroy, Manson and Rockwell City. Being a lake kid meant that I could race you to the buoy and back doing my wicked-fast back stroke. My doggie paddle was pretty decent too. 

But on weekends, when the ski boats came out in droves, I didn’t try to stay afloat on skill alone.

I had some TOOLS.

That’s right. Inner tubes. Life jackets. Inflatable rafts. Boogie boards. You just gotta love the tools!

We can have time management skills, but if we try to tread water all day among the speed boat-filled waters, we will eventually need to call for a life guard rescue. And all life guards use tools.

Before I bust out the links to tools, a few warnings:

  1. Be on the lookout for tools disguised as sharks that will eat up your time. Tools are cool, but make sure they have purpose that suits your needs.

  2. Don’t throw time saver skills and strategies overboard just because you have a cool tool. It only works if you focus on getting the right things done within the time available. Figure out what floats your boat and then heave those oars!

Here are a few time management tools that could make the difference between a sink or swim day.


Task Management Tools: this link compares features

Document Collaboration Tools: this blog post covers the biggies

Read It/Do It Later:
Read It Later


Track Your Time Tools:
This blog post covers 6 more cool tools to track your time

If you have questions, opinions or other tools to share, please post them in the comments section. Share your life preserver!

- Jocelyn Wallace

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Good read - I'd recommend Evernote for productivity and also Des Moines' own Time 2.0 Service on your mobile device for timekeeping.


Those are great additions! I love Evernote myself...don't love the mobile app as much, except for viewing. I didn't know about time2dot0! I will definitely check that out!

Thanks for you comments. Keep the tools coming everyone!

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