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5456455785_721aa5d47e_tIf there is one thing a company or leader should focus on, it is trust.  It is the bedrock of successful companies, cultures and families.  Unfortunately, trust is a vanishing quality in our world today.

The violation of trust has become a mainstream event in our society and companies.  It is not discussed, people are not held accountable and, to some degree, it is accepted as normal behavior.

High levels of trust lead to high levels of safety, tolerance, innovation, communication, creativity... the list is endless.  Trust is the key to unshackling the potential in people and organizations.  If change is needed, then focus on this one important human trait, and only this.  Forget everything else and be fanatical in the pursuit of trust.  It will not be easy, and it will require a tremendous amount of energy in the beginning.

But give it time and the energy will come back ten-fold.   

To put it all in perspective, answer this question: How many times can we violate trust in our most cherished relationships? We know the answer, yet we go about our business lives violating trust like eating candy.

Build trust and unleash the potential in your organization.

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